Chula Tox, Industrial Toxicology and Risk Assessment Chulalongkorn University

Bachelor degree: Environmental Science

Master’s and Doctoral Degrees: Industrial Toxicology and Risk Assessment (English Program)

  • Tuition fees: Thais 33,500 Baht, Foreigners: 87,300 Baht (USD 2,650)

Non-degrees: Industrial Toxicology and Risk Assessment (English Program)

  • Tuition fees: Thais 16,500 Baht, Foreigners: 46,750 Baht (USD 1,416)
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About the M.Sc./Ph.D. Admission and programs

2About Admission

Courses offered

Class schedule (1st & 2nd semesters, Friday only)


Non-degrees: Industrial Toxicology and Risk Assessment (English Program)

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About the Program

  • The program focuses on learning and training through practical field experience and also enhancing teamwork skills in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of environmental issues and integration of all knowledge to solve those problems effectively.
  • Brochure | Course Description | Research highlights 2020

Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, is now welcome international students (hybrid language, English-Thai)

Appy for non-degree (Max 6 credits/semester)

Coursework offered (Ph.D. and M.Sc.):

* International students are welcome.

Important notice

  • Chulalongkorn University of English Proficiency (CU-TEP)
  • TOEFL or IELTS is an alternative option for the English score for admission
  • An English test result must be presented during the interview process.
  • Minimum English for admission
    • Ph.D. (CUTEP: 45,  IELTS: 4.0, TOEFL-IBT: 45, TOEFL-ITP: 450, TOEFL-CBT: 133)
    • M.Sc.  (CUTEP: 30,  IELTS: 3.0, TOEFL-IBT: 32, TOEFL-ITP: 400, TOEFL-CBT: 97)
  • Minimum English for graduation
    • Ph.D. (CUTEP: 67,  IELTS: 5.5, TOEFL-IBT: 71, TOEFL-ITP: 525, TOEFL-CBT: 197)
    • M.Sc.  (CUTEP: 45,  IELTS: 4.0, TOEFL-IBT: 45, TOEFL-ITP: 450, TOEFL-CBT: 133)
  • An alternative option for English below the graduation requirement
    • Postgraduate courses at Chula Language Institute
    • 1 class addition
      • Ph.D. (CUTEP: 60-66,  IELTS: 5.0, TOEFL-IBT: 61-70, TOEFL-ITP: 500-524, TOEFL-CBT: 173-196)
      • M.Sc.  (CUTEP: 38-44,  IELTS: 3.5, TOEFL-IBT: 38-44, TOEFL-ITP: 425-449, TOEFL-CBT: 113-132)
    • 2 classes addition
      • Ph.D. (CUTEP: 45-59,  IELTS: 4.0-4.5, TOEFL-IBT: 45-60, TOEFL-ITP: 450-499, TOEFL-CBT: 113-172)
      • M.Sc.  (CUTEP: 30-37,  IELTS: 3.0, TOEFL-IBT: 32-37, TOEFL-ITP: 400-424, TOEFL-CBT: 97-112)
  • Registration fee: 33,500 for Thai citizens, 86,500 for non-Thai citizens
  • Grants and scholarships
  • Academic calendar
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Accommodations

Admission Requirements

  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree of Science or Engineering in related disciplines
  • Pass a minimum score (see above)
  • 2 Recommendation letters from the former institute or employer
  • Other qualifications will be considered by the program committee and the Graduate School of Chulalongkorn University


  • The Faculty of Science Library provides textbooks, journals, videotapes, CD-ROM, and online databases related to environmental science and various fields. Well-equipped and up-to-date computers, software licenses, laboratories, and a student lounge are available at the Department of Environmental Science.

Job Opportunities

  • Lecturer/Researcher in Environmental Science or related fields
  • EHIA specialist/supervisor
  • EIA/EHIA and Eco-Industry consultancy
  • SHE specialist/senior manager